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The micro-needling treatment triggers collagen production through micro-needling technique. It can be used to improve scarring (acne scarring & keloid scars), hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. It can also be used to retexturize the skin. The micro-needling can also help with skin tightening and can be used on fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks...



Ariel's Advanced Skin Care, established in 2003 in the Beaumont District moved to the Hollywood District in 2015

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"The Non-surgical Facelift"
Micro-current facial toning wands, send safe, painless, impulses to the muscles in your face, which help highly tightened muscles, to relax, and helps under-worked muscles to regain strength. Improve muscle tone, allowing the face to lift, and tighten....


"My Answer to Hot Laser; For Tightened, Brightened Skin."-Ariel 
COLLAJAM utilizes particles from a natural sea sponge, containing calcium carbonate (A patent pending process) that is massaged into the skin. Laser-like results. Warm & Rosy Pink for 24 hours. No product use within that time-period.


Tighten face and neck, see pigmentation relief, re-grow collagen, reduce redness, soften appearance of fine lines, and reduce wrinkles. Light microdermabrasion included. 
The use of micro-Phytotherapy, advanced light-based treatments, to send gentle pulses of light, & heat energy, deep into the skin, to bring back healthy looking skin, almost immediately....


"100% Natural Skin Rejuvenation"
Combining the benefits of 24kt gold with modern LED technology to create softer, more supple and radiant skin by re-growth of collagen. The 24k gold facial deeply hydrates, lifts and firms the skin, stimulates cellular re-growth through preservation of elastin, decreases inflammation and free radicals...

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Ariel's Advanced Skin Care uses the finest, purest, products, Organics, and only the most natural ingredients, in the industry. Eminence is the standard to which we hold our products, here. Cold-pressed and hand-picked from nature's gift of fruits, vegetables, leaves and barks. Our products are so pure, you can eat them. Eminence is now world-famous, and has quickly integrated their products into 5-star hotel resort spas, as well as in Hollywood. Organic and biodynamically grown, they are 99% active, comparatively, to 6-9% in most synthetic lines. Eminence is not 68% water and has no sulfates, parabens, plastics, or alcohols. Come and experience the difference, and see how they REALLY WORK to transform your skin.




What is the difference between Botox and Juviderm? Do you understand the difference between re-growth of your collagen vs. temporary fillers? Do you comprehend how ultrasound penetrates the cell, with vitamins, and micro current, tightening your muscles and spinning the DNA helix? Have you heard about the benefits of Peptides, Stem-Cells, and Telomeres? Everything in our lives contributes to our skin and our health. Let's talk about how making a change in your lifestyle can not only help you feel better about your skin, but can make a noticeable difference in your health, and in your life, in general.




Do you know the difference between hot and cool lasers? It has taken our society 20 years to get where we are with LED and lasers. Technological change is constant. Let us provide you with education into your real choices. We use many forms of light, energy, sound waves, radio waves, micro currents, low-level lasers, and galvanic. It's a new era in skin care. Resurface, rebuild, remodel and renew. We have the new advanced "Solitone Infinite Energy - 2500 EXTREME LED", a piece unlike any other; truly unrivaled. This includes high mega-hert Micro and Ultra sound. This is only the beginning of our equipment and treatments.


Come in for a FREE 15-minute consultation, and leave with complimentary samples, of simply wonderful delights. It's time to make the change; to Purify and Nurture your skin!

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"The Anti-aging, Corrective Facial"
Superfine crystal gently removes dead surface layers of skin cells, which resurfaces and reduces pigmentation, acne scarring, improves texture and tone, stimulates and increase in collagen production, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles....


Microdermabrasion can also improve: Oily or dull skin, enlarged or clogged pores...