Ariel, Fauley

FT# 538621



Ariel's Advanced Skin Care; established in the Beaumont District in 2003, and in March 2015, has moved to the Hollywood District. Ariel, herself, came from 10 years of practice in Maui, and for 7 years in San Francisco, before that. Heavily involved in teaching, education, workshops, retreats and pilgrimages; Ariel has worked for many years with San Francisco Medical Research, along with Hospice and prison work. She has always been interested in healing and well-being, along with Organic ingredient products, cosmetics, medicine and food.

As an advanced esthetics technician, she had graduated from the Aesthetics Institute and has studied at Ashmead College. She has a plethora of diplomas  and certifications, decorating her walls, from constantly continuing her education, through classes, workshops and programs. She has been studying and teaching for over 25 years. 


Lisha Keeble

FT# 881676



Lisha became licensed in 1997. She is experienced in several modalities including:





Oxygen Machine


High Frquency


LED Light Therapy

She has over 20 years experience in the esthetics field. After graduating from Wadsworth Institute in 1997, she bgan working for Faces Unlimited. She learned French products and techniques, including advanced makeup artistry, as Pat, the owner of Faces Unlimited was a former runway model and makeup artist.


In 2014, she became employed at Ariel's. She has continuing education from Eminence Organics, Bare minerals as well as advanced training from Ariel, who is a well known medical Estethician.


She also has waxing, lash and brow tinting experience. Lisha's passion is to care for and educate her clients on how to improve their skin. She has a personal interest in natural skincare as an Esthetician, mother, and consumer and wellness advocate.


Ariel truly believes that Organic DNA signatures are everything. She feels that the time to return to a natural and organic lifestyle is an imperative necessity for the planet. In addition to her expertise in skincare, she is a beekeeper and prison chaplain; an overall sincere and generous contributor to society. Seeing the quality of life as such a gift, she knows we must give to others. She is committed to her clients, her community and her global family. Healing is a process. How we eat, think and live is all part of skin care. Our whole anatomy and person comes into play.


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