Ariel, as most of us knew her, was a daughter, sister, mother, partner, grandmother, aunt, friend, mentor, guardian, healer, bee protector, light in the dark, a glimmer of hope, but most of all, an Angel. I always referred to Ariel as MY Angel in White. But, she wasn't just my angel, she was everyone's angel! She is and will always be the true epitome of Live, Laugh, Love!

When I first met Ariel, she was my esthetician. She became my mentor. She was my guardian Angel, always looking out for me. Gently guiding me and keeping me on my path. Most importantly, she was my friend. Her hugs were pure light and energy. She was a lightworker of the highest calling. She always knew when it was time for me to come see her for treatment. Sure, my face needed some refreshing, but most of all, it was my spirit that needed lifting, my heart that needed healing, my mind that needed rest. For Ariel, it was always about the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Her work was never done! She always had that something extra. A kind word, a quick little prayer, a loving peck on the cheek, a warm fulfilling hug, and her infectious laugh. You could never leave without taking something with you. No matter what she was going through, you were the most important person at that moment.

While Ariel has transcended her corporeal body, her spirit will live on in the lives of those whom she has touched. She has become what she was meant to be, a true Guardian Angel. She will continue watching over us; guiding us in her way, and keeping us on the good path.

Ariel, you will be missed but not forgotten. I will not mourn you in this life. I will shed tears of joy that you are no longer suffering, and I will rejoice for you and celebrate your life every day. I will pass on the knowledge you have given me and do my best to continue the work that you have done.

To you my friend, my mentor, my healer, my guardian, My Angel in White!

This is my tribute to you, Ariel! I love you! Jon Jon



Robynne Ariel Fauley

On this page, you will find memories we all have made with Ariel in her life's journey. She shared so many facets of herself with so many people over the years. Please take a moment to read more about Ariel, maybe make some new friends along the way. Make sure to submit your own stories and photos on the Submissions page!